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Why should you install a pool fence?

Swimming pool fencing is still considered to be one of the simplest ways to secure a pool.

Many people are unaware in South Africa it is a legal obligation to install a pool fence before filling your pool with water if your property does not have at least a 1.2m wall and gate.

More important than just regulations the biggest reason to have a pool fence is to protect your loved ones. Avoid life-threatening accidents and restrict access to your pool for your own children, visitors and pets.


What makes a safe pool fence?

The safest pool fence includes a self-closing gate that is also self-latching, which means that when the pool fence gate is opened, it must close and lock by itself to keep any mobile toddlers out of the pool area.
In most cases, you should only be able to open the pool gate from the inside while standing outside, which requires reaching over the fence. Another way to keep tiny children from being able to open the pool gate on their own is to use this strategy.
Horizontal rail balustrades are not recommended as a pool fence. For curious toddlers who want to climb, the rails serve as a ladder.

How high does a pool fence have to be?

If your pool is visible from the street or is open to the public, the pool barrier must be at least 12 meters tall. If your property is surrounded by a wall or fence that is 1,2m or higher, and your entrance to the road access is secured, your pool fence can be 1m tall. The law specifies that you are not compelled to install a pool fence in this situation, but if you have children who need to be kept out of the pool area, a pool fence should be a serious consideration on your property.

How to get a cost estimate for your pool fence?

Based in East London we do pool fencing installations all over Other.

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Types of Pool Fencing

There are many types of pool fencing to choose from the most common are:

Steel palisade pool fencing 

Glass framed pool fencing

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