Palisade Fencing Prices

We supply a range of different types and styles of palisade fencing and gates to suit your property whether it be commercial, residential, industrial or municipal. Palisade fencing is incredibly durable and can also be galvanised to ensure rust resistance. Palisade Fencing Pros supply panels, posts, pales and a range of spike designs including 7 spike, 3 spike, no spike, butterfly spike, devil’s fork and spear. The price of palisade fencing varies starting at ±R1800 per metre supply and install for 1.8m steel panels. 

Price of Palisade Fencing 

The price of palisade fencing is dependent on the price of steel which makes it difficult to give an exact price. The starting price for a 1.8m panel palisade fence is ±R1800 per metre.

Palisade Fencing for Sale 

The two main types of palisade fencing are galvanised and steel. 

  • Galvanised Palisade Fencing 

Galvanised palisade fencing is a strong, reliable option as the steel has been coated in a layer of zinc protecting it from any potential rust and corrosion making it a long lasting option. 

  • Steel Palisade Fencing 

Steel palisade fencing although strong is not rust resistant, overtime the steel will corrode and it will need replacing. If you wish to purchase steel which will last longer you can opt for stainless steel which will not be subject to rust and corrosion. 

Standard Palisade Fencing Panel Size 

The standard palisade fencing panel 3000 X 1800 coated with anti- rust has a starting price of ±R1800


Pales – Height from 0,3m to 3,0m high.
Panels– Height from 0,6m to 3,0m high.- Width up to 3 meter wide
Posts– Height up to 3,6m

Angle Profiles

Palisade Fencing has pales designed with different angles to make sure they are strong enough to withstand impact.

Cold Rolled- 57mm40x 40 
Cold Rolled- 45mm30x 30 
Hot Rolled- 55mm40x 40
Hot Rolled- 43mm30x 30
Hot Rolled- 32mm 25x 25


We have a range of different spikes to choose from, your choice will depend on the spike you prefer as well as the amount of security you want. 

Palisade Fencing Posts

  • Base plate at extra cost
  • Post cap already welded on
  • 76mm x 76mm square – 1,6 mm wall thickness
  • Posts are planted in concrete: ± 300-600mm deep, as follows:
Fence Height Post Height Depth Planted 
3,0m 3,6m0,6m

Advantages of Palisade Fencing 

  • Excellent boundary security
  • Difficult to climb over spikes
  • Strongest kind of fence
  • Long lasting rust resistant
  • Cost effective per meter compared to walling
  • Low maintenance fencing

Areas we service 

  • Palisade Fencing Prices Pretoria 
  • Palisade Fencing Prices Johannesburg
  • Palisade Fencing Prices Durban
  • Palisade Fencing Prices Cape Town 
  • Palisade Fencing Prices East Rand