Clear View Fencing


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Why Choose Clear View Fencing?

Clear View Fencing is a very popular alternative to precast walling and palisade fencing. If you want to keep your views and feeling of space while increasing your security then Clear View Fencing is the right choice. 

It is a special wire mesh that is burglar-proof, difficult to cut and also very hard to climb. It is often known as anti-climb and anti-cut fencing.

Secure your home or commercial property

Clear View Fencing has the latest in secure design and tamper-proof fencing. Perimeter fencing you can rely on for your safely. The unique design prevents a grip when trying to climb the fence. 

You can also add spikes on top to further increase the security. Bolt cutters do not work to cut our Clear View Fencing. 

Custom designs and colour options to choose from

Clear View Fencing can be customised according to your taste and needs while maintaining the structurally secure.

Choose from a wide range of variations including height, colour and finish, match it to your property.

The Ultimate Invisible Fence, get the best of both

Get the best of both worlds with Clear View Fencing and have a secure fence without sacrificing your feeling of open space.

You can see out with ease but most importantly it does not obstruct CCTV cameras. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Clear View Fencing is a great addition to your home. If you want the best aesthetics and functionality this is the perfect choice for your home. Talk to us today about the range of colour and finish offered.

Clear View fencing is not just perimeter fencing and can be used for pool fencing or land partitioning.

Clear view fencing is a popular choice for securing the perimeter of business, industrial premises or farm. Clear View fencing’s design ensures maximum security, because of the anti-cut, anti-climb and strong security barrier while it still allows for visibility for security cameras.

Your fencing can be customised in height and appearance. Call today to discuss your options.   

To get a Clearview Fence quote it is worked out at a per meter costing. This is dependent on the price of steel that month. For this reason we do not display the price list on the website because it does fluctuate up and down by a few percentage.

But you will be happy to know it is very affordable and much more cost-effective than a traditional brick wall. 

To get the current price please call us directly or fill in the form on this website.

Clear View Fencing comes in panels and is priced per meter installed. In order to give you an accurate quote one of our partners will come out and do a site inspection and give you a quote based on the correct measurement of your property boundary.

If you wish to measure yourself you can but please use an accurate tape measure. Then you need to be aware to include an extra meter at the corners. If your boundary is not straight we highly suggest using a piece of string.

Take the string and lay it on the ground and follow the contours of where you want the palisade wall to go. Then after than cut the string or mark it and measure it with a tape measure.